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Client 2

Generators & Retail Electricity Suppliers

  • Commercial Operations

         o   Input to Power Supply Contract Pricing, both for retail and wholesale contracts

         o   Decision factor in hedging strategy and short term contracting

         o   Use in the risk assessment and determination of the Value-at-Risk

         o   Essential in portfolio optimization

         o   Input for external analysis for company’s strategic planning

  • Trading and Plant Operations

         o   Guide in scheduling plant maintenance outage

         o   Tool in developing energy trading strategy

  • Finance

         o   Input to Revenue/Budget Planning

Client 3

Energy Project Developers

  • Input in the Financial Model

  • Market Assessment for long term strategy

Client 5

Financial Institutions and Investors

Help develop an independent market study and project financial feasibility

Client 6

Distribution Utilities and Contestable Customers

  • Guide for energy procurement strategy

  • Decision tool for demand allocation and portfolio optimization (replacement power and trading)

Client 7

Energy Consultants

Provide additional value to clients

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